Friday, July 22, 2022

Jennifer Crook Releases New Single 'Brand New Day' From Forthcoming New Album

Jennifer Crook is a singer, songwriter and musician from Bath, UK. Musically rooted in the world of Folk, Roots and Americana, her classic songwriting - with its vivid storytelling, beautiful imagery and poignant mix of hope and experience, is both timeless and right on time. 

Following well received singles 'Battle Scars' and 'Where Words Don’t Go' released earlier this year, Jennifer returns with her hopeful and  uplifting new single 'Brand New Day', featuring Canadian musician Brent Jones. This is the third single from her forthcoming new album The Broken Road Back Home due for release in September. 

LISTEN to the track on Spotify.

'Sometimes someone comes into your life for a short time and lifts your spirits when you need it most - like touring musician Matt who, many years ago, inspired the opening lyric of the song,' Jennifer says. 'Or when I first met Canadian artist Brent Jones, whose music touched me at a personally difficult time.'

'I first met Jennifer while performing in Box, England,' Brent explains. 'We had just finished mixing my album Coincidence Makes A Miracle at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio located nearby. Jennifer and I chatted after the performance – suggesting one day to collaborate on a musical project from across the pond.'

Brand New Day is that project. Many of the songs on the new album reflect the struggle between the dark and the light and Brand New Day embraces the hope that together we can create a brighter future. 

The song was a long time coming, Jennifer shares. 'Although the song was written around 10 years ago, I’d never recorded it, so it’s about time it saw the light of day! With the new band and the new record it finally found its home, and as the track took shape it developed into something much bigger than I’d ever imagined.'


For more information about Jennifer, visit her website.

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