Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Alex Williams Returns With New Album 'Waging Peace' (out Oct 21)

Alex Williams was on top of the world following a very successful debut record in 2017, but it was a quick fall when the temptations of the 'rockstar life' caught up to him. 

On his new song 'Waging Peace' (out now), the title track of his anticipated sophomore record - out 21st October 2022 via Lightning Rod Records - Williams lays down his weapons of self-destruction and finds peace. It's one of the most compelling and triumphant autobiographical songs from his new album, which follows his critically-acclaimed major label debut in 2017 (Better Than Myself).

'I chose this song as the title track because it seemed like the centerpiece for this whole project as far as the subject matter goes,' says Williams. 'I wrote this at home in 2020 during the initial part of the pandemic, and it's a song about finding peace and optimism within yourself in this world, amongst the troubled times we live in, as well as the guilt one may hang on to that seems to never let go of the mental game. Discovering that we are always our own worst enemy, and that making changes to better ourselves is the best thing we can do in order to see and truly cherish the important things that shine the brightest in our lives.'

Produced by GRAMMY-winner Ben Fowler and featuring artists like Mickey Raphael on harmonica and Danny Dugmore on pedal steel, Waging Peace is rooted in country tradition and a bold, against-the-grain swagger, accompanied by Williams’ organic twang and retrofuzz. Throughout 12 songs, Williams shares an unseen side of his life and his personal battle between good and evil. Williams introduced the record last month with first single 'No Reservations'.

The video, which was directed, filmed and edited by Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard, and filmed at Waylon's Bar in Marion, Indiana, helps the song set the unglamorous scene of life on the road for a musician bouncing around dingy motels and back-alley bars, and enjoying every minute of it, as Williams plays to a biker gang crowd toasting dive bar beers.

Waging Peace finds Williams growing – professionally and personally. Finding guitar-slinging inspiration in everything from Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers to Jerry Reed, plus the biting Texan poetry of songwriters Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, Williams scours his very soul over twangy two-steppers such as 'Old Before My Time', epic anthems like 'Waging Peace', and introspective slow-burn 'The Vice'. The result is a deeply personal listen that sees Williams learn to trust his instincts again with his signature blend of Rust Belt rock and pure country. 

 'Before I made my first record, I had not toured. I had no road band and a very slim amount of experience in the studio,' Williams adds. 'These past 4 years since leaving Big Machine to become fully independent, and the release of 'Better Than Myself' has been a whirlwind. I’m very glad that I waited 5 years to make another record because it’s given me time to really find my voice as a songwriter, experience life on the road and all the pain and joy that has come my way in more ways than one.'

Waging Peace Tracklist:

1. No Reservations (Alex Williams / Mando Saenz)

2. Old Before My Time (Alex Williams / Neal Coty)

3. Rock Bottom (Alex Williams / Mando Saenz)

4. Fire (Alex Williams / Tennessee Jet) 

5. Higher Road (Alex Williams / Mando Saenz)

6. Waging Peace (Alex Williams)

7. Conspiracy (Alex Williams / Tennessee Jet)

8. The Best Thing (Alex Williams / Mickey Raphael)

9. Double Nickel (Alex Williams / Ben Jarrell) 

10. Confession (Alex Williams / Marshall Altman)

11. The Struggle (Alex Williams)

12. The Vice (Alex Williams)

 (Produced by Ben Fowler)

Williams will perform an AmericanaFest showcase at Exit/In on Friday, September 16th, followed by a Grand Ole Opry performance on Saturday, September 17th, as well as a run of shows across the Southeast and Midwest.

Waging Peace will be released on October 21st, and is available to pre-order/pre-save here.


For more information about Alex, visit his website.

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