Thursday, September 8, 2022

Angela Easterling Announces New Album

In a recording career that's well into its second decade, Angela Easterling might not have seen it all, but she's certainly displayed a knack for crafting powerful songs that are often directly inspired by things she has observed.

Witness is the newest album by the acclaimed Americana singer-songwriter, who says the title track relates to the idea of a person being a 'witness' for their faith, but instead they find themselves being judged or subjected to forms of religious trauma. It also relates to someone who has left behind a bad or abusive situation, but is still haunted by what they endured, the past that they continue to witness in their mind.

As the title of the entire album, Witness seems right on point.

'I chose to title the album Witness because many of the songs are like a reflection of the things I have seen going on in our country the last few years, things that have been going on in my family, and how all that comes together in my corner of the world,' says Easterling, who lives with her longtime musical partner, Brandon Turner, and their three sons on the Greer, S.C., farm that has been in her family since 1791.

Utilizing her immense skill as a top-notch storyteller, Easterling writes with clarity and sings with conviction throughout Witness, offering a dazzling collection of songs that not only deal with the trials, tribulations and joys of parenthood but also tackle subjects of widespread societal importance, including gun violence and gender identity.

Witness Tracklisting

1. California 4:19

2. Home 3:24

3. Little Boy Blues 2:55

4. Halfway Down 3:11

5. Keep Your Head Down, Johnny 3:43

6. Middle-Age Dream 3:22

7. Witness 3:12

8. Deportee  (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) 3:53

9. Hero 3:14

10. Have You Seen My Friend? 4:03

11. Baby Bird 4:06

12. Grow Old 4:50

About Angela Easterling

Angela Easterling brandishes her songwriting chops with rootsy, refreshing, homespun tunes. Her backing band, The Beguilers (bass, drums and lead guitar), master many complex styles, with instrumentation that fleshes out the stories in Angela’s songs, and adds some rocking fun. Their act is not quite country, not quite folk, but all together unique and engaging.


For more information on Angela and the album, visit her website.

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