Wednesday, October 5, 2022

INTERVIEW | Twinnie Talks 'Bad Bad Bitch' Ahead of Its Release

This Friday, the UK's own Twinnie drops her new track 'Bad Bad Bitch'.

A clip of the song was posted in a TikTok video starring her nieces on her account, and quickly took off. After over 100,000 views on the platform, the song is now being released in full.

We caught up with Twinnie ahead of the release!


Your new single, ‘Bad Bad Bitch’ is out October 7th. What’s the track about, and where did the idea come from?

Like all my songs it comes from an authentic place, it's really about owning all parts of yourself and putting that out there in a relationship. The good and bad, I like that it's an empowering, feel good track. 

You’ve recently become a TikTok sensation due to the song! What was it like when you realized that the video was starting to gain traction?

It's amazing to see it getting so much attention, my nieces are now more famous than me haha. That traction was certainly a big factor in me choosing to release the song at this time. 

How mindful are you, as an artist, of using social media? What sort of advice do you have for artists trying to use such platforms to grow?

I try not to let it rule my life and enjoy it. It's not real life and I think it's important to remember that it is just an extra tool for your brand etc. Just have fun with it as much as you can. 

For your EP, Welcome to the Club, you put together a wonderful short film with each music video. Is this sort of project something you’re looking at doing more of with future releases? Is the video for ‘Bad Bad Bitch’ a standalone or part of something wider?

That's definitely something I'll be happy to do more of. For me music is a part of a bigger picture and the visuals help to narrate the story further so these kinds of projects are something I'm really passionate about. The 'Bad Bad Bitch' video will also be a part of a broader piece of a concept visual that will tie into my forthcoming record. 

I think it’s fair to say that you put together some fantastic videos. How important to you are music videos when, sometimes, it feels as if they’re a dying art in this modern age?

Thank you! Like I said, I'm really passionate about creating a visual that tells the story of the song further and bringing to life different aspects of the lyrics. I'm very involved in the making of each visual and I love the art of creating. 

As mentioned earlier, social media is a powerful platform. You use your platform in a great way as you launched I KNOW A WOMEN, a global music collective and something that I think is a great initiative. To those unfamiliar with it, what do you seek to do with IKAW? 

IKAW is something I'm so passionate about and it's really good for my soul. We're a collective for male and female creatives and our main aim is to standardise therapy within all label and publishing deals but we also operate as a record label, management company, and non-profit. We're here to help all creatives and I'm very invested in making sure we can make this industry a safe space for all. 

2022 has seen you perform the national anthem at Wembley, release EP Welcome to the Club and tour. Do you have any goals/plans for 2023 in mind?

When I look back on this year I feel really proud and a little overwhelmed at everything I've done, it was an honour to perform the National Anthem at Wembley and then again at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. For 2023, I'll be back and forth to Nashville, playing lots more shows and a new album is also in the works so it's going to be an exciting time.

'Bad Bad Bitch' is out this Friday, October 7th.

More information about Twinnie can be found on her website.

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