Thursday, October 13, 2022

NEWS | Alex Williams Grapples With His Youth On 'Old Before My Time'

Rising country artist Alex Williams has released 'Old Before My Time', the latest single from his forthcoming record Waging Peace (out Oct 21st 2022 via Lightning Rod Records). 

The song pays tribute to America’s classic road-warrior anthems as well as Williams’ country music heroes including Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, providing an introspective look into the mind of a 20-something year-old touring musician who is grappling with the notion of feeling too old for his age.

'The title is pretty self explanatory,' says Williams. 'A life of traveling around has a way of making you feel like sometimes you're aging a little bit faster than what you think.'

'Old Before My Time' is the latest preview of Waging Peace, joining the free-wheeling first single 'No Reservations' and the heavy-hitting title track, which are both available now. It continues the autobiographical narrative of an artist who took his 'outlaw' title too far and fell to rock bottom — a major label deal gone sour, giving into the temptations of the 'rockstar' lifestyle and a hard-fought, harrowing journey to find inner peace.

Waging Peace is available for pre-order now.


More information about Alex can be found on his website.

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