Thursday, October 27, 2022

NEWS | No Windows Share New Single 'No Clue (Green Song)'

No Windows - an Edinburgh duo made up of 17 year old multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and 18 year old vocalist Verity Slangen - have shared a new single titled 'No Clue (Green Song)'

The announcement follows closely on the heel of their recent, critically-acclaimed debut track 'Shout (Red Song)' and the news of their intensely promising debut EP Fishboy, which is set for release on November 25th via tastemaker label Something.

With early demos having already built up considerable interest north of the border, alongside an incendiary performance last month at Connect Festival, they recently released their first single proper in 'Shout (Red Song)', a slice of woozy, densely layered dreampop,

More considered and and introspective than it's predecessor, No Window's new single 'No Clue (Green Song)' exemplifies the duo's ability to manipulate the dynamics of their songwriting style to create something entirely new, without compromising the sonic composition of their EP as a singular body of work. The single combines muted 90s-inspired guitar lines with melancholic yet anthemic vocals that explore themes of growing up, entering a new stage of life as the seasons change and welcoming new people into your life.

"When writing 'No Clue', I was entering a new stage of my life,' Verity says about the single. 'I had just finished school and the seasons were changing. I wrote this song wanting it to be light, exploring the prospect of a new relationship and the emotions I was feeling at that time. I wanted it to feel positive - carry the energy of Spring changing into Summer while still staying true to our writing style, I wanted the melody of the chorus to feel uplifting.'

During the process of making the EP, which was self-recorded, self-performed and entirely self-produced in Morgan's bedroom, he labelled each track with a colour purely based on the colour that the track made him think of first. Before Verity had written lyrics each early recording could be attributed to that colour rather than its eventual words, each song given a unique identity from birth.

''Green Song' was given the name green song as it felt like it had a sense of discovery, like walking through a green, floral forest without knowing what’s ahead, which led to the name 'No Clue' that exists alongside its colour label,' Morgan adds.

Morgan and Verity began making music really early on at school. With Morgan in the school year below, he hadn't really come across Verity until he found her Instagram where she'd begun posting some covers and original music. They arranged to meet and cover a Mac Demarco song one lunchtime only for it to never happen, instead heading down the musical rabbit hole that would soon lead to their own songs.


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