Wednesday, November 16, 2022

REVIEW | 'Outside The Null Field' - We Demand Parachutes

Outside The Null Field and onto your radar - We Demand Parachutes' new EP doesn't just demand your attention, it deserves it as the superb release marks the start of an exciting chapter for the trio. 

The EP is short but sweet, packing a punch that, in just four songs equating to ten and a bit minutes, masterfully navigates both sides of life. 

We open with '29' tackling the very real anxiety many of us face when we fear that we aren't living up to supposed potential and aren't where we're supposed to be. It's raw and reflective but, above all, refreshing to hear. Opting for this as the opener sends the bold message that WDP aren't afraid to be open with y'all. I love that, as much as I love the pounding percussion and crashing guitars.

'Cigarette Break' is a nostalgic tale of a relationship, a relationship that was far from extravagent but, again...real. These guys ooze a sense of relatibility, and it makes connecting to their music easy.

'Hungover You' is another change of pace, a song about a party, ergo a song that celebrates something that's a big part of the band's ethos - community. Three songs in, three different themes...perfectly cohesive, highlighting a natural versatility in the guys' writing.

Closer 'Outside The Null Field', however, loops back to how we started, once more looking at mental health and that struggle to deal with the thoughts that can ravage one's mind. A screaming guitar solo, and  heavy drums make this one darker, a little troubling but, ultimately and again, real. 

Life is about the good times and the bad times, and We Demand Parachutes expertly explore that in this handful of songs, slickly produced by Alan Day (Four Year Strong).

We Demand Parachutes are ones to watch.


1. 29

2. Cigarette Break

3. Hungover You

4. Outside The Null Field


Outside The Null Field is out now.

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