Monday, January 30, 2023

SINGLE OF THE WEEK | 'Looking At The Past' - Sunshine Riot

Boston's Sunshine Riot are kicking off the new year 'Looking At The Past'.

The blistering new track is the first taste of new music from the quartet, a satisfying blend of blistering and twangy. We love the band's refusal to pigeonhole themselves into just one genre, this new track part of an ever ongoing sonic evolution that continues to feel fresh but, very much, feels very Sunshine Riot.

'I think the song is a pretty good bridge between the more blues-driven alt-country stuff we often find ourselves hanging out with, and which was really at the forefront of Sparkle Baby 2000, and the louder grunge and punk stuff we seem to be doing a lot of these days,' vocalist Jonny Orton says about the release. 'I think we've always been interested in exploring as much of the rock and roll room (which is pretty darn big) as we can, but I've come to accept that Sunshine Riot is generally at its best when the band is loud and I am yelling.'

Sonically, it's rich with that infusion of genres, accompanied by a sick main riff. Lyrically, it is just as flavourful too with a tale to tell. Orton discussed the tale of the story of the track:

'The song sort of exists in two pieces. The first half, I think, is the internal narrative of a character who has taken a long time to change, I suppose for the better, and is reflecting on their past while attempting to assure themselves and others they weren't too late in putting their wilder and lesser ways down.' 

It was recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Steve Albini, where they recorded 2021 EP Electrical Tape.

The punchy release is the first of four from upcoming EP Loud, Bright and Violent. We'll be treated to monthly tracks in the run-up to its release in April...and we at Tour Bus Tunes cannot wait to hear each one. 

Sunshine Riot is Jonny Orton (vocals/guitar), Jeff Sullivan (bass), Mark Tetreault (guitar) and Steven Shephard (drums/percussion).


For all things Sunshine Riot, visit their website.

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