Tuesday, March 28, 2023

HOT TRACK | 'Room To Moan' - Sunshine Riot

With their new EP on the horizon, Sunshine Riot are continuing to make noise...and strip it back a little on latest track 'Room To Moan'

This new single is the third from Loud, Bright and Violent and it sees the Boston band seamlessly play with sound, switching from quiet verses to crashing choruses with ease and style. The choruses feel harsh in comparison to the softer, reserved verses which feels apt given what the song is about - life and the inevitably that is death. 

'There's a line in Soundgarden's 'The Day I Tried to Live', it goes 'The lives we make / Never seem to get us anywhere but dead'. It always struck me,' says Sunshine Riot frontman Jonny Orton. 'There is something gripping about that lyric – I think we all do tend to make a life, at least in part, because we don't want to think about the one certainty that makes us alive. Death is an awfully scary thing – I'm not sure what comes next. I hope it's not nothing, forever.'

Orton's gritty vocals in the chorus add an extra layer to the meaning, raw as he ponders the fragility of life. A guitar riff leading into, and throughout, the bridge adds a lovely piece of flair and class, something that I'm starting to associate with Sunshine Riot - their sound always seems to have that little extra something that elevates them, and makes you take notice.

Loud, Bright and Violent may be coming out just next month but, for us, it can't get here soon enough.

Check this one out.


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