Thursday, March 16, 2023

REVIEW | 'Ancient Lights' - Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott's new EP 'Ancient Lights' absolutely sparkles.

Hannah has called it 'a collection of old songs [she] thought deserved a second chance at being heard' and she is right. These songs were meant to be heard and shared and loved - we love them, and we think you will too. 

It may be just five tracks but it's a fantastic sample and demonstration of the talent she has in her locker. Hannah writes, plays piano and guitar, and even engineers this album. Stefano Della Casa, her trusty collaborator, also adds an extra touch of class with cello and his own creative input. It's a wonderful partnership that has brought to life five fantastically thought provoking songs.

'Ghost Town' opens, a gentle piano track that builds, cello and guitar joining in, the initial isolation that's provoked slipping, naturally, into a feeling of assertiveness. 'Identity' follows on nicely, a warm number that wraps the listener with comforting words of reassurance - it feels like a natural progression.  

'Into Your Grief' is raw, a brilliantly beautiful piano led track. Here, Hannah offers a comforting presence in her lyrics, wanting to ease someone's pain and hurt by being there, by reaching out and being a friend, a support. Songs like these will always find someone that needs them, this is a powerful song and one that will resonate.

'Skimming Stones' continues this comforting theme, this time through a feeling of finding happiness with one's self and one's company - it feels like a warm blanket, safe, the gentleness of the guitar cozy. We end on a farewell - literally - in 'Goodnight to Elisabeth', an unknown identity whom Hannah has lost and is regretful of not having the chance to bid goodnight to. It's sorrowful, Hannah's voice dripping with emotion, and another song that will hit home for many a listener. A beautiful number, a beautiful collection of songs.    

A gem of an EP, a gem of a talent in Hannah Scott...a talent that is only surely going to shine brighter.

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