Thursday, March 23, 2023

REVIEW | 'Safe And Sad' - katie drives


With new EP Safe And Sad, katie drives takes us back in time and shows us why she's an artist to keep an eye on in the future.

Safe And Safe makes me feel nostalgic for the 00s pop-punk and pop-punk I grew up listening to. It has an infectious energy with beats that'll get you bopping and lyrics that'll quickly get you singing. 'Anywhere But Here' and 'Jump or Run' feel like classic anthems of these years but they're more than mere intimations. With each song, katie brings an intensity that's unmatched, signalling she's ready and more than capable of being a new face of this glorious genre.

'Ghosts' is a collab with Dear Me, and it's a rollercoaster, a break-up song written from the perspective of the person who ended contact. It's smartly written and smartly switches between poppy verses and rocky choruses - the way katie plays with genre, overall, is a delight as it keeps things sounding fresh.

The opening to 'Underestimate Me' is brilliantly apt, encapsulating the song's title, starting slow and brooding before absolutely erupting into high power and kickass pop-punk - the verses and chorus continue this pattern, going from first gear into fifth gear in the blink of an eye. Seriously, do not underestimate katie, this song proof that she can seamlessly switch those gears. 

This EP is packed full of life and energy as it is but 'Next To You', in particular, is a song that really comes to life. It starts light before drums kick in and the guitars intensify, once again a satisfying masterclass of going 0 to 60, flawlessly, on a track that's laced with the raw feelings entangled with comparing yourself with another person. 

'Death Dreams' closes the EP on a very high note, offering a real showcase of katie's vocal power on what's probably the heaviest feeling track - less pop-rock, more classic rock with some gorgeous guitar riffs interwoven amongst some captivating imagery. Vocals, lyrics, sound...this track hits new highs on what feels like every level, a real good track that leaves you wanting more, the best sort of end to an EP.

Safe And Sad. Also bold and brilliant. Give this a listen!

1. Anywhere But Here
2. Ghosts (featuring Dear Me)
3. Jump or Run
4. Underestimate Me
5. Next To You
6. Death Dreams

Safe And Sad is out Tomorrow (March 24)

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