Wednesday, April 26, 2023

CHECK THIS OUT | 'Loud, Bright and Violent' - Sunshine Riot

With latest single 'Man on the TV', Boston's Sunshine Riot have rounded out and released their Loud, Bright and Violent EP.

We've covered other tracks from this one here at Tour Bus Tunes, so it would be amiss if we didn't give a shout out to the final unheard number from this one - especially because it's another banger. Big crashing choruses are unleashed between more reserved verses. Clever and stylish guitar work runs throughout, adding an extra touch of class...much like how the track adds more quality to an already excellent outing in Loud, Bright and Violent.

'I'm not sure we're ever trying to make any uniform statement with any record… we just do the best we can to find some songs that we hope folks will enjoy,' says vocalist Jonny Orton about the EP. 'That said, I suppose we are saying ‘Sunshine Riot ain't dead yet and our distortion pedals still work.’ We continue to feel awfully lucky to still be making music together. Been a weird few years, in the music world and beyond, so it feels pretty darn good to put this one out.'


Loud, Bright and Violent is out now.

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