Tuesday, May 16, 2023

HOT TRACK | 'Break Up Again' & 'I Wish U Didn't Hate Me So Much' - Kit Major

This week's HOT TRACK is a two-for-one...as Kit Major rockets into a new era with not one but two new songs - 'Break Up Again' and 'I Wish U Didn't Hate Me So Much'.

This is the beginning of what Kit is calling the 'Love. Sick. Major.' era and it's off to a fabulous start, feeling like a real mark of intent from an artist who brings a multitude of dimensions to their craft. These tracks are a little 60s Britpop mixed, satisfyingly, with 90s rock, a combination that's infused with charm and clever writing.

We at Tour Bus Tunes are digging this first glimpse into what looks set to be a majorly exciting chapter for Kit Major. 

Check these tracks out now!


'Break Up Again' and 'I Wish U Didn't Hate Me So Much' are out now.

For all things Kit Major, click here.

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