Tuesday, May 9, 2023

HOT TRACK | 'Switching Tracks' - Travels With Brindle

Photo: Jen Vesp

This week we're off on another journey with Travels With Brindle, who releases latest track 'Switching Tracks'.

It's the fifth single to come from upcoming debut album, Notes From Undergrad, an album that we are eagerly anticipating here at Tour Bus Tunes! With the release date approaching, it's clear that Chelsea Spear (aka Travels with Brindle) is picking up even more momentum and speed with every single stop along the way - 'Switching Tracks' is a poppier stop, the opening warm and welcoming as it embarks on a journey of realisation.

The track was born out of literary and real life experience.

''Switching Tracks' is about the moment you cross paths with a crush and realize they’re not as great as you thought they were, and that realization frees you,' Spear says. 'It’s inspired by a moment at the end of The Idiot when Selin and Ivan finally talk about her feelings for him and his inability to reciprocate them. I also experienced two friend break-ups in a three-year period, so a lot of the fresh pain comes from not being able to say some of the things I really wanted to say to them.'


Notes From Undergrad is out June 2.

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