Friday, June 2, 2023

HOT TRACK | 'I Wonder' - Seba Safe


Photo: Bryony Coles

Wondering if the week will end with some dreamy music? Wonder no more, as Seba Safe has released latest track 'I Wonder'.

'This is like several diary entries from the last two years. The lyrics are very personal and deal with everyday thoughts, fears, hopes, loss and love.' - Seba Safe about 'I Wonder'

Based on delicate subject matter, Seba masterfully explores these themes, vocally continuing to question as, sonically, he builds from a chilled number into a rockier one. His vocals - emotive - anchor the song into a dreamy state, the track feeling equally as perfect for a summer's drive as it would on a rainy autumn day...perfect.

There's something special about Seba Safe...and we can't wait for his new EP, Rainy, which releases June 30th. 


'I Wonder' is out now.

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